Happy Notes From Our Customers


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At IMPULSUM INC.our customers love us almost as much as we love them! Here are a few nice things our customers have said about us recently:

My encounter was with Isis. She did an outstanding job explaining thoroughly. She was able to answer every question accurately. Her bubbly personality made the interaction easy, effective, and efficient. The timing was perfect, being that I needed a dispenser. Honestly, if it was anybody else, I would have probably declined. Great Job, Isis!

- B K

Lilly King, Miriam, and Lexi were amazing! They are quick and efficient but thoughtful in their process. It’s nice to be able to smile and laugh throughout an interaction or inquiry and leave feeling like I’ve said goodbye to friends! Kudos!

- Brittany Evans

Abi and Lily are great. They really work well off of each other, like a tag team duo. That isn’t to say they need each other. I’d have purchased from either one of them. I’m just saying I enjoyed the natural banter we had. It felt less like a sale and more like a helpful offer within a meaningful conversation. Are they an official team? I’ll wear a T-shirt. Much love. I know they’re gonna do big things.

- Darius Hodge

I had an amazing experience with Alisha! She was funny, personable, and knowledgeable during our entire conversation. Besides the fact that she was offering a good deal for a new Verizon plan, my positive interaction with her was the main reason I decided to give it a try. Alisha personally followed up with me and always made sure I was 100% satisfied. Her customer service has been nothing but exceptional :)

- Carissa Roets

Agent Lilly was super informative, friendly, and respectful. Loved doing business with her. Would recommend her 1000%. We’re switching to Verizon because of her!

- Anna Rodz

If you’re looking for a marketing firm, reach out to IMPULSUM INC. Our approach decodes high-intent consumers in existing markets to cross-sell or upsell services and converts customer engagement into conversions. We form the right strategy for the right audience at the right time for better reach and to achieve real-time traction.

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