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We’re delighted to work with a team that shares our strategic mindset, love for ingenuity and passion for marketing various businesses. Each team member brings a particular skill set to our culture and the clients we serve. Our work environment enables aspiring talents to thrive in the industry. As a fresher at Impulsum, you will get to share our vision and our pursuit of excellence in everything we do. 

Some of the perks of working with us:


Once on board, we offer our marketing associates hands-on training and coaching, exceptional education, and management tips to help define their career trajectory. Our new recruits will learn all they need to know to progress in the sales industry from day one. Our team members learn foundational marketing skills, like working and analyzing target demographics. 

Making Time for Play

We feel that communication between teams and departments is the key to success. Team building activities also encourage the team to interact to complete tasks and solve problems. This is why, as a team, we meet for team dinners, have weekly team nights, and more. By putting people in a fun and relaxing atmosphere outside the workplace, we urge everyone to unwind, be themselves and open up to others.


We value teamwork, and we feel that a team that works well together can thrive together and deliver outstanding results. Here, you will notice when one team member falls behind; another gives them the strength to catch up. Moreover, the work is divided equally among team members to get done faster, making the overall business operate more efficiently. Our collaborative culture develops a sense of camaraderie as our associates work toward a common goal.

What sets us apart

The key to a successful face-to-face marketing campaign is factual data - ensuring that the direct promotion reaches the intended target market. We can help brands achieve this with expert data management and processing to refine their targeted mailing lists, ensuring their message arrives in the right channel; we are experts in complex requirements.

Our method

Once we know our clients’ specifications, we conduct thorough research to analyze their target buyers, the ones who are likely to purchase their products. We next devise a program that will help them create hype. We try to get the right message to the right people in the right way. We also focus on converting leads and providing a return on investment of the campaigns that we conduct for our clients. 

Reframing the marketing success 

At Impulsum, we value our clients. They allow us to be more than a marketing firm. It’s an association built on years of dependence, collaboration, and mutual trust. We create a brand connection. To date, we have served everything from start-ups to well-known companies with that same partnership approach. 

We dedicate ourselves to meeting any outreach need using a flexible, two-pronged strategy.

Know the product

Our interactive marketing strategy adds a special touch that enhances clients’ products. We target and tailor our messages to communicate to specific needs. We give a customer service level that captivates individuals and propels them to action. We’re experts at building value, helping buyers comprehend the benefits of the products we represent.

How we connect 

Building a warm equation with the target audience can boost sales volumes. This approach allows us to collect feedback from the customer to improve our technique and the offering from the client. Our outcomes surpass the retail level and lead to promotions and career growth in our company.

The Results 

We don’t get carried away easily; we’re serious about our campaign goal and what we set out to accomplish. Our continuous improvements enable us to sharpen our focus, so our clients’ brands thrive with far better results than conventional promotion techniques. Our outcomes exceed the retail level and move to promotions and career growth in our company.

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At IMPULSUM INC., each team member brings a particular skill set to our culture and the clients we serve. We provide careers filled with growth opportunities. To apply, please send us a cover letter and your resumé to

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