Danny Campos

CEO at IMPULSUM INC. - Marketing Company in Texas

Danny Campos

Decided to stray from my engineering career to pursue the marketing field post-COVID after the pandemic threw my career for a loop. The pandemic gave me perspective in 2020 and changed my life forever. Here’s what happened next...

2020: Wrapping up 2nd year in college, the pandemic turned spring break into the rest of the year.

2020: Got an opportunity to meet mentors and coaches and get into a position to run my own business with Fortune 100 clients.

2021: Expanded from Dallas, TX to Winston Salem, North Carolina to start my own business where we grew by about 300% in 6 months and outgrew the market and city Middle of the year moved operations to Raleigh, North Carolina to expand horizons and footprint

2022-2023: Were able to oversee and open up 5 locations and pursue helping a bunch more. Looking to work with highly motivated and ambitious individuals. I hope my story inspires many more to pursue the American dream. Reach out and #GoDark.

2024: Coming Soon.

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