Changes That Took Place Because Of COVID


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Marketing has been quite challenging in the post-COVID era with everything changing, especially with the way we worked with our clients. Many companies began changing their marketing strategies, with the largest number of people not leaving their homes for the most part. Additionally, businesses started outsourcing their marketing because it was a better use of their budgets compared to running an internal department when they were downsizing. After all, they could not meet their deadlines.

If we had to predict the changes that are taking place, we already see that COVID changed the industry, and people are now in need more than ever of adaptable marketing strategies. Clients are more in need of marketing and as time passes, indirect marketing tools are less and less effective. Everything wasn't negative and some good came about with the pandemic. COVID positively impacted us by putting us in a corner giving us the chance to excel in every aspect of clientele and marketing. We had to make some changes to the way that we were communicating and marketing to our clients when it came to processes.

We meet in-person and remotely

For the most part, we work remotely, but there are times that our clients might need some assistance, and in those instances, we meet them at their offices which is a good place to help them get through their requirements. We do not force anyone to come into the office, but some clients are open to that, and we are happy to have them come in. However, for those who would prefer to wait for some more time till the situation gets better, we coordinate with them remotely to solve the issues they face. Additionally, we want to ensure that everyone is safe and getting through the process, so we have daily cleanings. We go above and beyond by helping individuals seek out cautious ways to lower the chances of spreading COVID 19. None of the processes we handle are mandatory, we make sure that everyone is staying safe and forcing everyone else to be safe. We are very flexible with business meetings in person with clients, always very mindful of the precautions taken to minimize chances of spread. 

When it comes to coordinating with clients who would not want to meet in person, there are changes we have to handle remotely. We have the preliminary interviews via Zoom due to the pandemic. For the most part, Zoom has been the best platform we can work with. There are a few changes we go through but overall, that solves the issues we face without forcing people to an in-person meeting.

The reason why our business boomed during the COVID pandemic was that we got connected to essential clients that gave us the ability to go nationwide and have exponentially grown our business.

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